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School Choice Helper - At Risk Teen Questionnarie

The following questionnaire will hopefully help you know how serious your teens problems are and what type of program would be best for your situation. Please answer every question, after completion click "check your results" at the bottom.

1. How long have you felt your teen has had a problem?
2. What is the first major concern you have with your teen?
3. What is your second major concern you have with your teen?
4. What is the third major concern you have with your teen?

Please check the box next to any question that applies to your situation.
5. My child is disrespectful to me or to other adult figures.
6. My child is disobedient.
7. My child is verbally abusive.
8. My child is physically abusive.
9. My child is NOT physically fit.
10. My child has or has had legal problems.
11. My child lacks motivation.
12. I fear my child's safety may be in danger because of behavioral problems.
13. My child has an uncontrollable temper.
14. My child has dropped interest in extra-curricular activities.
15. My child has had a drop in grades at school.
16. My child fails to complete household duties or homework.
17. My child is behind in school.
18. My child goes through periods of depression or and seems withdrawn.
19. My child does not dress and groom appropriately to meet family expectations.
20. My child tries to manipulate or deceive others.
21. My child is sexually active.
22. My child has talked about suicide.
23. My child lacks self-esteem.
24. My Child has a drinking problem.
25. My child is abusing or has abused drugs.
26. I feel overwhelmed when dealing with my child.
This questionnaire cannot always tell you what the best type of program would be for your teen and it is not always accurate on how serious the problems are. However, if you call us at 1-844-622-6705 an experienced representative will discuss your situation with you and give you advice on what you should do and what would be best for your teen.