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Christian Schools For Teens


Christian Schools Can Have a Great Influence on a Teenager.
At Christian boarding schools, your distressed teen will be able to receive proper education and behavior modification. In addition to such training, religion will also play a major role in your child's life. Your child won't miss out on anything

Boarding schools have been known to work wonders. Boarding schools that focus on Christianity aren't any different. Rest assured, at christian boarding schools, you child will be in the best of hands.

A Typical Christian School is not to be confused with a Sunday School, or with any other institution that exists to give children instruction in the Bible. The Christian School is an institution which has the function of instructing children in the various departments of knowledge which also constitute the curriculum of the public school: reading, history, science, math, and the other subjects. It does this seven hours a day, five days a week, throughout the school-year. A Christian School is much like a boarding school.

The distinctive feature of the Christian School is expressed in the word Christian. It is a school which is Christian throughout. It has a Christian foundation; it has Christian teachers; it gives Christian instruction; it provides a Christian moral environment; it has a Christian goal. All of this must be briefly explained.

There are special hardships involved in the maintenance of Christian Schools. One is the extra financial burden. Parents must pay double. They pay for the support of the non-Christian, State Schools and they pay for the Christian Schools. But the sacrifice is not worthy to be compared with the reward.

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