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Oregon Youth Challenge Program
Military School in Oregon.
Program Description
The Oregon National Guard Youth ChalleNGe Program is an "at-risk" youth program which targets drug free, unemployed and underemployed male and female teens ages 16 to 18. It is designed as an intervention program rather than punitive. The program's mission is to provide work skills and alternative learning opportunities to meet the unique individual needs of students in order to increase positive behavioral and academic skills. The student is better prepared for transition to and subsequent success in his or her next learning or work environment by promoting learning, goal setting and self image building. This 17 1/2 month program consists of three distinct phases. First is a 2 week Pre-Challenge Phase. This is the trial period in which each Corpsmember (Cadet) is given a chance to prove his or her commitment to the program. For those who pass the Pre-Challenge Phase, next comes the 20 week Challenge Residential Phase. Both of these residential phases take place at the Central Oregon Training and Education Facility (COTEF) in Bend, Oregon. The third is the post-residential Mentorship Phase which begins during the residential phase and continues for one year after the cadet successfully completes the residential phase. OYCP is a military style program and environment. Core components consist of physical fitness, health, nutrition, life coping skills, responsible citizenship, educational excellence, job skills, community service and leadership / followership.
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Oregon Youth Challenge Program